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The 1-1 online course on offer above grants you full access to the Online Catching Percentages Trading Course, as well as an additional 10 hours of 1-1 zoom calls with Ryan. These calls + the course and after support are designed to speed up your process of becoming a consistent trader by cutting out everything irrelevant and focusing on what really makes the markets move so our trades can be backed by logic, not predictions.

You will have constant support whenever needed until the point you're confident to continue on your own.

REVIEWS - A few taken from our Trustpilot page.

Ben - So helpful from all aspects, setting up your broker, helping with any questions, and thoroughly going through all aspects of the course and zoom calls! Wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t have found these guys and I’m so glad I did. You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t get involved in this community. More of a family. Can’t speak highly enough of them.

Callum - After hearing about Forex Trading from a couple friends I thought i’d give it ago to see what all the fuss was about. I was introduced to the guys at RH and the rest was history😎For anyone who’s sceptical about starting there Forex journey I wouldn’t recommend any other team. The course being perfectly put together to cater for all levels of traders whilst always offering value to the individual, customer service being 10/10 & the progression from the other members in the ‘Next Level Chat’ has been quite phenomenal, just showing you how good of a teacher Ryan is and how well the course has been set out by the team. If I was you, I wouldn’t waste any more time trying to find the ‘perfect team’ as you have come across it here🙏🏼

Aodhen - Just wanted to write another review as I wrote the last one not long after I joined. Been with RHTT around 6 months now and I must say there’s nothing I can fault. I’ve been getting great returns from the markets with everything I learned from the course. The 1-1’s with Ryan have been brilliant to help sharpen my trading blade from anything that’s needed improvement. I can’t recommended joining the winning team enough, 10/10🙌🏼

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