About The Catching Percentages Trading Course

A quick description of what you'll find in the RHTT Catching Percentages trading course along with example of a live trade placed today.

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Hey everyone! I'm hoping that trading / health wise all is well for you, especially during these majorly uncertain times. Whether you're now preparing to return back to work, or cautiously moving in preparation for a second lock-down which may be ahead, over the past few months we've all without doubt had an incredibly lot more time on our hands.

Many have used this time wisely to develop new skills and gather new knowledge which is quite simply due to put them ahead in the near future and contribute to keeping them afloat if times do become more uncertain and difficult economically.

Some may have spent a large majority of time binge watching television. These are not prepared for what could be coming in the coming years ahead of them.

I for one have spent 90% of lockdown working intensively on self development both trading wise, and psychology wise. This has led me to re-align with the overall mission I am on. The empirical mission I'm on is to simply create as many successful, profitable and consistent forex traders as possible, and ultimately remove there need to work for someone else via a 9-5 or any other way.

The last three months have been absolutely non-stop for me as I've spent every other hour putting together and growing what I bring to you today... THE RHTT CATCHING PERCENTAGES TRADING COURSE.

While learning to trade, taking various different courses filled with hundreds of other aspiring traders, I was in a position where I was able to find some nice trades, but overall couldn't consistently keep an account balance up, let alone profit. Looking back I now know I was trading with absolutely no edge.

What is going to make your trading different to the 99% that lose money? Not joining free groups / courses which teach thousands and thousands of people that's for sure.

Cut a long story short, no course that I purchased included anything that was actually going to make me or even put me in position where I can find an edge to become one of the few profitable consistent traders who make it.

You don't have to go through what I went through. This course I put infront of you, mixed with all the further educational events / services I will be offering such as webinars, meet ups, one to ones, will hold absolutely NOTHING back. As soon as you have enrolled and joined the RH Trading family, my main concern is YOU becoming the best trader you can be.

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